July In A Coconut Shell

Once again I have been MIA for some time. Even after promising to post regularly I have failed, but really it’s going to happen this time. Lately I have been consumed by a cycle of working and sleeping, but I’m back now. So here’s a little peek into what my July has been like this year.

So far I have been working at my first part-time job which has been fairly enjoyable. I naturally never expected my first job to amazing or even welcoming, but I have loved getting to know my coworkers. Unfortunately I will only be able to stay on for a few more weeks because of my hectic schedule in the fall so it will be back to job hunting for me soon enough. Let me know what your first job experiences were like, did I get off easy?

When I was not working or catching up on lost sleep I was spending my mornings at a photography class. This class was from 9am-12pm at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I took the commuter line in every morning and then hopped on the E train to the museum. It was my first real time commuting on the train and it was not at all anything to glorify. My first day on the subway resulted in me (I’m 5’2.5″) pressed against the wall of the train while standing on the second stair. But don’t worry because even though there was nothing to hold on to I was wedged in between enough legs that I wouldn’t be moving anyway. The next few days I started to learn how to use the subway to my advantage. Instead of racing to get on that first train that was jam packed with Bostonians I waited until the train that arrived only two minutes later. This was still a crowded ride that required a bit of a fight to get into a good spot. Thankfully I could breathe and even get a seat sometimes to wait out my eight stops. The class it self was great next step to help develop my skills and properly format my pictures. So for that I owe the Museum of Fine Arts a huge thank you.  Included are a few pictures that I took during the class, unfortunately I won’t have our class picture back for a while, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I have it.

Alright stay with me my loves I’ll have more pictures coming soon. Except not next Saturday, oops. I will be away without any internet for a few days taking pictures in the outdoors. So wish me luck. I’ll be back soon, stay out of trouble sunflowers.





Where have I been?

Wow, it feels like I haven’t posted in months, oh wait, I haven’t. Well today I am back. I just want to check in with everyone and also give you all a heads up to what is coming next.

So for me these last few months have been anything but easy. Through the weeks leading up to Christmas this past year I became unexpectedly very sick. Fortunately I recovered over a course of many weeks. Unfortunately this spring I became very sick once again. My sickness was not supposed to resurface let alone within a few short months. Thankfully I am now fully recovered. Because I was so sick I missed a lot of school, which meant and endless amount of makeup work. So, my schedule has been pretty full up until now. So I would like to start off the summer with this make up post about what I have been up to in my absence. I also here by pledge to begin a normal posting schedule going forward, I’m thinking Saturdays maybe.





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High School Semi Formal




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High School Drama Season



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Fishing Trips



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Happy Mothers Day



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Cape Cod



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Beach Week

Imagine a relaxing vacation along the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for a quiet stay then try and vacation during the week because that’s when it is most peaceful. The weekends tend to be a bit more lively. So now you know when to go, but what will you do on vacation? There’s plenty more to do than just sun bathing at one of the many beaches. A great way to unplug and unwind is by taking a nature walk. One of my favorites would have to be the Fort Hill Trail. Simply pick up a pamphlet and begin your self-guided tour. This trail is full of history and includes a beautiful view of Nauset Marsh.In the pamphlet you will discover a brief history of the area. It states that, “Before this was New England, it was New France. Sieur de Monts, Govenor of New France, possessed a grant for fur trading, but his attempt to settle at St.Croix (New Brunswick) proved disastrous.” Other fun walks include the two mile Brewster Town walk, the National Seashore, and Nauset Beach. If you aren’t the most outdoorsy person there is still plenty to do. You may find yourself at one of the many beaches. A great beach is the Pleasant Road beach. That’s where I made good use of my Target bathing suits. You can find both online here. After a day at the beach you might find yourself at Captain Parker’s Pub. This pub and restaurant is family friendly and features a National and regionally award winning clam chowder. Still not your speed? You can try your hand at mini golf at Pirates Cove Miniature Golf. Pirates Cove features two fun courses you can choose from. Regardless of where you stay or what you do there will always be something to fun to try.


Ithaca , New York

“Welcome to New York it’s been waiting for you,” There was no better way to fulfill an itch for something new by visiting Ithaca, New York. It may be 340 miles away from home base, but it was worth it. There is no place more beautiful than here. Rolling hills, sprawling green forests and adorable paint chipped farms. The weather was awfully kind to me this time, allowing me to enjoy every last beautiful view. The Ithaca College campus was no exception complete with clean buildings and pleasant staff. While in town I discovered the well acclaimed Ithaca Ale house. The ‘Perfect Burger’ was huge, but did not disappoint. And while I am on the quest for the best French fries, those of the Ithaca Ale House will have to be heavily considered. I then enjoyed a warm breakfast in bed the next morning.  I unfortunately was not able to see the Buttermilk Falls, but have heard that they are beautiful and would definitely recommend. Big thanks to everyone that participated in this trip it was truly worthwhile. Even though I didn’t get to take nearly enough pictures on this trip. Can’t wait to see where the wind takes me next.

-Sarah xo

How to Pack for your Trip to Walt Disney World

disney packing

Check out my Pinterest board on my trip ideas here

As an experienced Walt Disney World goer myself and with another trip recently under my belt I thought I’d let you in on some secrets. One of important things to do is make sure you plan your schedule and meals ahead of time. This means knowing what parks to go to on what days and making meal reservations months in advance. If you don’t you run the risk of missing your favorite rides or paying too much for a meal. The second most important thing to remember is having a good pair of comfortable shoes. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the various parks then you’ll thank me. The parks are big with little transportation so being comfortable enough to walk all day is a must. Pick something comfortable yet breathable (in case it rains). While I was there I wore a pair of Nike trainers and on the day it rained a pair of old Converse. Turns out even Disney can’t stop the rain, especially in the summer. But, don’t let that get you down your trip will still be fun. Raincoats are always a good idea, but are a pain to carry around. So instead I brought with me a disposable poncho that comes packaged making it easy to throw in your day pack. Speaking of day packs, do you have one? If not you need one. Pick something small because that will get you through security faster. I wanted to have my hands free so I brought a Minnie Mouse fanny pack I discovered. Childish I know, but it carried what I needed it to. Another tip is to remember that Florida is hot. Obviously. No really remember to drink lots of water the whole day wear something lite. Even though the thermometer may read 90 it’s going to feel like 110. And please don’t forget to wear sunblock whether you think you never burn or not. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun. I mean how could you not?


Start planning your adventure now!

Pimple Free? 

So the truth is out, the trick of applying a bandaid with honey over night to reduce pimples is busted. Once the honey and bandaid solution was removed the pimples seemed to have shrunken, but only to return to their original state. Turns out it doesn’t work, too bad.