How lovely it is to be


to watch others be


How lovely it is to watch


to be watched by others



My love
My little bug
All sweet and snug 

My my my 

How kind how soft 

How mine you are 


Oh wow

Oh ow



Oh I see

Oh I cannot be

Oh sweep me away dear sea

Oh let me be free



Oh no

Oh just please go

Oh but although

Oh no you really are not any one I know

A few months I don’t particularly enjoy


High School, that living, breathing monster

With those piercing hooded eyes

And that unwelcoming smile

It begs and beckons and pleads

And as we unwillingly proceed we begin to see

That monster is me


A cough and a sniffle

Somebody yells “foshizzle”

An argument

A compliment

An accusation or two

Welcome to our lunch room


A bump

A snag

A scratch

A rare “I’m sorry”

An endangered “My bad”

An extinct “Are you alright?”

A common “Get to class” or “Where’s your red pass?”

A shuffle

A step

A stomp

A goodbye

A “Do you have a date?”

A bell that means you’re already late


A few panicked looks

A couple sweaty brows

A flurry of notes and “Oh my God”s

An instruction to quiet down

An adrenaline rush

A number of papers passed back

I hope i finish this test without a heart attack


Another look in the mirror

A couple loose strands of hair

A frayed old bag

A deep sigh

Another morning goodbye


You Are My Light

Regarding recent events I’d like to share a little message with you all. Love is the only thing holding us together in this world; hands down. Not the good music and sunsets, but the love. If you do not love and respect yourself how can you expect any one to respect you? You are smart and witty and talented and beautiful and have so much to offer the world so act like it. Value yourself. I don’t care what people say, I value myself and take care of myself and you should too. It’s only healthy. You are you and no one can take that away from you. So start acting like you care about yourself as much as you really do because I would hate to have something happen to you. Spread the love my little sunflowers.  You are loved, you are valued, you are my light.

The First

I think that unfortunate repercussions brought on by poor decisions  are like the nesting bowls in my kitchen cabinet. You can’t see all of them, but they are there waiting for you to need them. Let’s all make some better decisions; especially today.