Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the proud author and creator of Free Living. I am an aspiring photographer trying to make the most out of everyday. I created this blog to be a place free of judgment and. This is a place for pretty things, good music, good vibes, and my constant struggle with being gluten free. s is real. this is me”, and I probably could do better. Join me on all my little adventures and maybe we’ll have some fun along the way or learn a thing or two.     

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My love My little bug All sweet and snug  My my my  How kind how soft  How mine you are 


Oh wow Oh ow Oh Oh Oh I see Oh I cannot be Oh sweep me away dear sea Oh let me be free Oh Oh Oh no Oh just please go Oh but although Oh no you really are not any one I know

A few months I don’t particularly enjoy

  High School, that living, breathing monster With those piercing hooded eyes And that unwelcoming smile It begs and beckons and pleads And as we unwillingly proceed we begin to see That monster is me   A cough and a sniffle Somebody yells “foshizzle” An argument A compliment An accusation or two Welcome to our … Continue reading

You Are My Light

Regarding recent events I’d like to share a little message with you all. Love is the only thing holding us together in this world; hands down. Not the good music and sunsets, but the love. If you do not love and respect yourself how can you expect any one to respect you? You are smart … Continue reading

The First

I think that unfortunate repercussions brought on by poor decisions  are like the nesting bowls in my kitchen cabinet. You can’t see all of them, but they are there waiting for you to need them. Let’s all make some better decisions; especially today. 

Beach Week

Imagine a relaxing vacation along the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for a quiet stay then try and vacation during the week because that’s when it is most peaceful. The weekends tend to be a bit more lively. So now you know when to go, but what will you do on vacation? … Continue reading

Ithaca , New York

“Welcome to New York it’s been waiting for you,” There was no better way to fulfill an itch for something new by visiting Ithaca, New York. It may be 340 miles away from home base, but it was worth it. There is no place more beautiful than here. Rolling hills, sprawling green forests and adorable … Continue reading